On Set with "The Help"    

Deanna Barnert flew to Greenwood, Mississippi back when "The Help" was just getting settled into town. In the sweltering 100-plus degree heat, she got to watch the action go down at Elizabeth Leefolt's house, hid out in an air conditioned tent listening to the cicadas scream and was served a glorious Southern meal for lunch -- complete with live music, since it was a Friday, of course! Between takes, the cast and producers came out to talk about the movie, it's message and more. Here are three of the features that came out of that visit.

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Viola Davis enraged by "The Help"
It was personal for the Oscar nom
Bryce Dallas Howard on Hilly, The South & Racism
"It's not only misguided; it's evil"
Emma Stone gets Serious on "The Help"
No Divas On Set